Great News: Bloomquist Doesn’t Choose the Giants

Sometimes the best move a team can make is the one that never happens.  All you have to do is look back at last offseason when the Giants were throwing too much money, and too many years, at 2010 playoff standout, Juan Uribe.  Uribe, feeling disrespected, took the Dodgers “lesser” offer of 3 years, 21 million dollars (win-win for the Giants), and managed an abysmal slash-line of .204/.264/.293, while also spending time on the DL.  The Dodgers get to live with that contract for 2 more years still, as Juan gets further away from his prime years.  Since the Giants actually offered Uribe more that what the Dodgers did, you can file this one under dumb luck.

The Giants were not so lucky when they again thought with their hearts and offered an outrageous contract to the aging Aubrey Huff last offseason.  Huff was coming off an outstanding 2010 season and played a huge role in the Giants winning their first World Series in San Francisco.  This is when the Giants should have thanked him for his service and allowed another team to overpay the guy.  With Huff being a type-A free agent, the Giants could have netted both a first round and sandwich round draft pick when Huff signed elsewhere, which would have been an outstanding consolation prize for the Giants farm system.  Instead, the 33-year-old veteran ended up signing a 2-year, 22 million dollar deal, and managed to produce a horrible year at the plate (.246/.306/.370), all while blocking the Giants top prospect, Brandon Belt.  I bet the Giants wished they had an extra $11 million to throw at one of the elite free agents this year.

This offseason it appears that the Giants may have been bailed out again, as their generous offer to career 33-year-old utility man, Willie Bloomquist, was not taken.  Bloomquist instead took his career .264/.317/.337 slashline back to Arizona, where like Uribe, he took a lesser offer.  I can only assume that Bloomquist would have been penciled in as the Giants everyday SS, where he was barely serviceable in his prime, and been the equivalent of a ten-times-more-pricey Brandon Crawford at the plate.

General Manager, Brian Sabean, needs to focus more on signing free agents who are coming into their prime, as well as utilizing his own top prospects.  Until he does that, you can expect more deals targeting players who are on the wrong side of 30.

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