Predicting the Giants 2014 Home Run Totals


Here are my predictions on the 2014 home run totals for each of the San Francisco Giants starting position players:


2014 Prediction: 26 Home Runs 

2013 HR Total: 27

Career High: 27 (2013)

After coming off a career-high 27 HRs in 2013 and signing a $90-million contract, Pence increased his workout regimen and kale intake to prove he is worth every penny.  I expect another big power year out of Pence in 2014.


2014 Prediction: 25 Home Runs 

2013 HR Total: 15

Career High: 24 (2012)

After adding 15 pounds of muscle in the off-season, look for Buster Posey to easily surpass the 15 HRs he blasted in 2013.


2014 Prediction: 20 Home Runs 

2013 HR Total: 14

Career High: 25 (2009)

Pablo Sandoval has slimmed way down this off-season which should help keep him out of the trainers room.  That alone should help boost his disappointing HR totals from last season, but at the same time the extreme weight loss will lower his HR ceiling.


2014 Prediction: 20 Home Runs 

2013 HR Total: 17

Career High: 17 (2013)

Moving up in the batter’s box and a slight change of grip worked wonders for Brandon Belt in 2013.  While I expect pitchers to make adjustments to him in 2014, I expect a more consistent Belt going forward.


2014 Prediction: 16 Home Runs 

2013 HR Total: 13

Career High: 31 (2011)

I am projecting a modest HR total of 16 for Michael Morse in 2014 as I expect his healing wrist and the ballpark will limit his power production.  In 2013, 39% of Morse’s HRs were hit to the right of CF, which is a graveyard for right-handed hitters at AT&T Park.


2014 Prediction: 7 Home Runs 

2013 HR Total: 9

Career High: 9 (2013)

Crawford rode a red-hot April (5 HRs) to a surprising total of 9 HRs in 2013.  I expect his HR numbers will come back down to Earth a little, as he is unlikely to put together another uncharacteristic power month like he did last April.


2014 Prediction: 6 Home Runs 

2013 HR Total: 5

Career High: 11 (2010)

Pagan should have more at-bats this year than his 2013 season, which saw him suffer a serious hamstring injury, but I would expect Pagan to get more regular rest with him entering his age-33 season.  I see him hitting about 6 HRs in 2014, which is right around his average for the last 3 season.


2014 Prediction: 1 Home Run

2013 HR Total: 2

Career High: 12 (2010)

At age 38, I expect Scutaro’s days of reaching the seats are about numbered.  However, he will find a way to hit one at Coors Field against his old team.

There you have it!  Feel free to let me know your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below.

One thought on “Predicting the Giants 2014 Home Run Totals

  1. Agree for the most part, except, on Panda and Crawford. I think that Sandoval will have a break out year, boosting his games on the field, his batting average, hr and rbi totals. Crawfor on the other hand, has some pop and i expect his home run totals to increase to 13- 17 hrs.

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